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What is Voluum?

It’s cloud-hosted tracking software that provides data analytics insights and AI-powered optimization tools to make advertising easier and more profitable.

Voluum lets you:


Track all your campaigns in one place

Get extensive data analytics from all paid and organic sources.

Manage traffic & teams

Control the distribution of your traffic, on your own or in the team.

Optimize for more conversions

Perform A/B tests manually or use AI tools to improve campaign performance.
what is voluum

Why track your ads with Voluum?

Fastest Redirects

Don’t lose profit due to slow redirects. In Voluum, it takes only 5 ms.

Direct Tracking Pixel

Track paid and organic traffic without the initial redirect.

SSL for Custom Domains

Secure your links and get up to four times more conversions.

Traffic Distribution AI

Automatically distribute the traffic for the best performance.

Collaboration Tools

Work on your campaigns in teams – straight from one Voluum account.

Reporting Speed at Scale

Sustain the performance while running massive volumes.

Voluum contributed massively to my business growth from a $1m/year company to doing over $3m per year. Voluum's intuitive and user-friendly platform gave me both the ability to organize my data, and create automated rules to effectively manage much larger sets of advertising data, and grow my business by over 300% in a year.

John Crestani
John Crestani
john crestani John Crestani
Affliate Marketing Expert

Voluum gave us an opportunity to skip endless routine reporting job. With real time reporting, deep analytical data and API integration, we now can easily optimize our campaigns and keep increasing our ROI. Huge respect to Voluum team, who always quickly react to their users’ needs and implement new features in short terms.

Sergey Marinets
Sergey Marinets
mgid Sergey Marinets
Head of Affiliate Marketing dept.

Voluum is the tracker you can trust

$ 2.5 bnads revenue tracked
230kcampaigns running
each month
100%server uptime
since 2015
25 bnevents tracked
per month
5,000customers all
around the world
200employees in offices in
the USA, UK, and Poland


Codewise - 2nd fastest growing company in Europe
Codewise - one of the fastest growing companies in Europe
Key partners:
one by aol

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